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LIFE CROLIS Visibility event of 3rd October 2023 National and University Library in Zagreb

Under Project action E1 “Dissemination of results”, sub-action 1. “Communication Strategy” the first LIFE CROLIS Visibility event (of three planned) was held in National and University Library in Zagreb on 3rd October 2023.

The Visibility event was attended by 99 invited persons representing international, state and regional authorities and institutions, the academic community, the NGO sector, the representatives of the private sector (consultants) and persons employed on the Project.

In accordance with the Grant Agreement, representatives from various Croatian institutions (such as ministries, agencies, scientific institutions, regional governments, non-governmental organizations, etc.) were invited to the Visibility event.

The Visibility event was opened by Mr. Ivo Milatić, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. A welcoming speech was delivered by Mr. Goran Ivanović, a member of the Croatian Parliament.

Four invited representatives of neighbouring countries responded to the invitation: Mr. Hamid Čustović Ph.D.  (BiH), Mr. Nebojša Redžić (Serbia), Mr. Duško Mrdak (Montenegro), and Mr.  Ljupče Nestorovski (North Macedonia).

Two EU experts in LULUFC participated the Event: Mr. Tobias Langanke (European Environment Agency) and Mrs. Valeria Forlin Ph.D.  (Directorate General for Climate Policy, attended on-line).

Mrs. Agata Hościło Ph.D. (Poland, InCoNaDa project) as one of two invited representatives of similar projects in the EU attended the Visibility event with her presentation.

The venue, promotional materials and presentations were aligned with the project’s visual identity standard and visibly presented the logo of the LIFE CROLIS project and the logo of the EU LIFE Programme.

The Visibility was announced and covered by the Croatian media.

Information about the 1st LIFE CROLIS Visibility event and presentations are published on the project website: www.lifecrolis.hr.

The workshop expenses included:

  1. Equipment rental
  2. Catering costs
  3. Travel and accommodation costs for foreign guests
  4. Simultaneous translation (interpreters HR/EN)

Exhaustive report on LIFE CROLIS Visibility event of 3rd October 2023:



  1. Project LIFE CROLIS, Višnja Grgasović, MESD – HR
  2. LULUCF sector and project LIFE CROLIS, dr. sc. Vladimir Jelavić and Delfa Radoš, EKONERG d.o.o. – HR
  3. Proposal for an EU Regulation on Carbon Removals Certification, Valeria Forlin, PhD, EC DG CLIMA – EN
  4. EAGLE concept and its application in the LIFE CROLIS project, Gebhard Banko, EEA – EN
  5. Presentation of the project LIFE CROLIS, Domagoj Stjepan Krnjak, MESD, PWT – EN
  6. Climate changes, EU and national regulations, Vlatka Palčić, MESD – HR
  7. LIFE CROLIS as a part of Environment Information System, Branimir Pavlinec, MINGOR, Institute for Environment and Nature – HR
  8. Creation of the Land use layer for Croatia (2020), Nino Malešić, EKONERG d.o.o. – HR
  9. Challenges in establishing the ARKOD+ (plus) and CROLIS (vector) LU layers in Croatia, Mladen Majcen, PAAFRD – EN
  10. Activities of State Geodetic Administration in CROLIS; Creation of nDSM for Republic of Croatia, Tomislav Ciceli and Ljerka Marić, SGA – EN
  11. Development of Land cover methodology for Croatia (2020) – presentation of the first results, Nino Malešić, EKONERG d.o.o. – HR
  12. Croatian Forests Data and the LIFECROLIS Project, Goran Kovač, CF – EN
  13. Enhancing the user uptake of Land Cover / Land Use information derived from the integration of Copernicus services and national databases – „InCoNaDa” Project – EN

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