The LIFE CROLIS project deals with the development of a harmonized data model for land monitoring in the Republic of Croatia. The establishment of the Croatian Land Information System in the Republic of Croatia will enable the connection and processing of data on land cover and land use from various sources and their use for the needs of sustainable economic, spatial and overall development of the Republic of Croatia.

The CROLIS system model will be designed by integrating existing information systems and data on land use (LU) and land cover (LC) in combination with publicly available services and long-term data from the Sentinel satellite of the European Copernicus program with the aim of identifying, monitoring and historical overview of the state and changes in land use and land cover.

01.10.2020. – 30.04.2024.

Duration of the project

€ 6.248.735

Total value

€ 2.588.207

EU co-financing

Project Logo

It consists of a stylized map of the Republic of Croatia arranged in six layers representing 6 land categories that are reported to the European Commission and the UN Framework Conference on Climate Change in the LULUCF sector. The layers represent the categories of land that are reported:

Grassland (GL)
Forest areas (FL)
Cropland (CL) divided into the perennial cropland types
Settlement areas (SL)
Other land (OL)
Wetlands (WL)