D Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

D2 Monitoring of the project socio-economic impact

In the assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project, five key areas have been identified in which this impact can be estimated with a reasonable degree of accuracy:

  • Employment of experts
  • Learning and improving knowledge
  • Carbon storage
  • Use of forest and agricultural biomass
  • Improvements in spatial planning

Following actions


Monitoring and measurement of the performance indicators

This Action comrpises monitoring of the implementation of key performance indicators, both general ones defined for the LIFE Program and individual ones defined specificaly for the LIFE CROLIS project. In addition, constant monitoring of possible risks and taking timely steps to eliminate those risks without serious consequences for the implementation of the project shall be established.


Dissemination of results

In the implementation of this Action, development of a Communication Strategy is planned. The Communication Strategy will define the target audience and the communication tools that will be used in project communication. By defining the target audience, work will begin on raising awareness on the issues that project is aiming and the benefits that the CROLIS system will provide to its users after its establishment.


Networking with other projects

In the implementation of this Action, the LIFE CROLIS project will connect with similar and related projects in the European Union and abroad with the aim of transferring knowledge and networking experts. A special emphasis in the dissemination of the results will be directed towards the countries of Southeast Europe.