D Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

D1 Monitoring and measurement of the performance indicators

Projects belonging in the priority area “Climate governance and information” of the LIFE Programme are aimed at raising awareness and obtaining support from the public and stakeholders for the implementation of measures to mitigate climate change and adaptation to it, the development of climate strategies and new political measures for their implementation, the application of legislation as well as encouraging transition to new technologies to achieve the climate targets of the European Union.

The project envisages monitoring the implementation of the project through key performance indicators (KPI) for that priority area.

Successful implementation of the entire programme and reporting necessary for evaluating the success of individual subprogrammes at the EU level requires the possibility of comparing the achieved results of projects within each of the priority areas of the LIFE Programme. That is why the key indicators of success are partly defined within the LIFE Programme.

In addition to the general key performance indicators, the LIFE CROLIS project has a number of specific objectives related to the achievement of the intended project objectives.

Following actions


Monitoring of the project socio-economic impact

For the reporting in the LULUCF sector according to the methodology of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the collected data on land cover changes must be classified into six categories. It is also necessary to collect historical data on land cover changes between these categories, and for this purpose, historical orthophotos collected from 1968 to the 2020s will be used.


Dissemination of results

In the implementation of this Action, development of a Communication Strategy is planned. The Communication Strategy will define the target audience and the communication tools that will be used in project communication. By defining the target audience, work will begin on raising awareness on the issues that project is aiming and the benefits that the CROLIS system will provide to its users after its establishment.


Networking with other projects

In the implementation of this Action, the LIFE CROLIS project will connect with similar and related projects in the European Union and abroad with the aim of transferring knowledge and networking experts. A special emphasis in the dissemination of the results will be directed towards the countries of Southeast Europe.