Exchange of experience with the US Forest Service

On 13 th September 2022 the project team, with the presence of other partners on the LIFE CROLIS project, hosted Mrs. Kelsey Aho from the U.S. Forest Service.

Organized at the initiative of the US side, the meeting was used for useful exchange of experiences in forest land management. Participating in the project to prevent illegal logging with the Macedonian agency responsible for forests, Mrs. Aho learned about the LIFE CROLIS project and during the meeting she expressed a special interest in the technical and management aspects of the CROLIS project. In order to better acquaint her with the goal and expected results of the project, the project manager, Mr. Domagoj Krnjak, held a short presentation of the project, and the meeting was concluded with the expressed will of both parties for further cooperation.

The American Forestry Agency was founded in 1876, operates under the jurisdiction of the federal Department of Agriculture, and today has about 30,000 employees who manage over 78 million hectares of forests and grasslands in the United States of America. In its activity, the Agency implements many international programs and projects.

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