LIFE CROLIS project presented at the EU Green Week in Brussels

On June 13th, at the Permanent Representation of Portugal to the European Union in Brussels, a conference titled ‘A Path for a Resilient Future’ was held as part of the 2024 European Green Week. During the conference, the LIFE CROLIS project was presented with a ten-minute video within the panel on ‘Governance solutions for integrated intelligent territorial management for energy, soil and water.’

The conference aimed to bring together coordinators of innovation projects and local/regional leaders to discuss successful European examples of water and soil preservation and management of these significant resources. The conference program (attached here) included several relevant and interesting discussions:

  • Use of wideband interconnectivity, under a 5G/6G perspective, for smart networks and services integration in rural areas;
  • Governance solutions for integrated intelligent territorial management for energy, soil and water;
  • Ecological approaches to engage civil society and strengthen smart communities;
  • Investment and joint procurement mechanisms for strengthening smart transition and reduce innovation divides;
  • Literacy and competences critical environment for territorial resilience.

The LIFE CORLIS project presented its experiences and initial results through a brief video presentation during the panel on ‘Solutions for Integrated Intelligent Territorial Management of Energy, Soil, and Water.’ You can find the ten-minute project presentation here.

The conference was organized by IrRDIARE, CoEER, and the Permanent Representation of Portugal to the European Union.

 IrRDIARE is a Portuguese consulting company specializing in European projects, founded in 1995 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Lisbon. Three stages defined their journey: development, innovation and integration. In a first phase, modelling, technology and optimisation solutions were developed. Those predominantly serve energy intensive sectors. Subsequently, innovative systems opened new responses to diversified challenges. Urban management, energy costs reduction, process safety optimisation, environment protection were among target sectors. Currently, integrated approaches are deployed to support new visions on sustainability, development, competiveness and quality of life. 

CoEER is an European institution dedicated to promoting cooperation and development among all European regions, whether they are small, large, urban, or rural. CoEER’s headquarters are in Lisbon, and its mission is to create a space for exchange, sharing, and collaboration where European regions share a sense of belonging to the European Union and work together to address common challenges and seize opportunities in a concerted manner.

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