The 4th meeting of the Advisory Board of the LIFE CROLIS project was held on March 5th and 6th, 2024. The meeting brought together representatives of the project partners and Advisory Board Members who, during the two-day work, considered the activities implemented since the last, third meeting and guided the implementation of the remaining project activities with intensive advice.

On the first day, the meeting was opened by Višnja Grgasović, head of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Climate Actions Sector and project manager, Domagoj Stjepan Krnjak. After the discussion on the project current phase, it was moved to the working part of the meeting, which began with the presentation of the results of the pilot project of the Paying Agency in Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.

Progress in the creation of land use and land cover layers using a sample of new LiDAR data obtained from the State Geodetic Administration and the development of the methodology for processing this data was also presented.

Unlike previous Advisory Board Meetings, more time was devoted to discussion and fine-tuning of the presented results.

The second day of the meeting was organized in the premises of the project partner Ekonerg d.o.o. Representatives of the State Geodetic Administration presented the results of the LiDAR survey of Croatia as part of the project “Multisensor Aerial Survey of the Republic of Croatia for the Needs of Disaster Risk Reduction Assessment.”

Due to the delay in the final results of spatial data collection within the TREx LIFE Program, CROLIS has followed the development of that project since its inception as part of the project activity of networking with similar projects. The possibility of working on the sample contributed to the development of the methodology and the determination to use this data for the purposes of carrying out project activities such as the creation of DSM and nDSM.

In the continuation of the Advisory Board Meeting, priority activities to be carried out in the current phase of the project were discussed in view of the imminent official completion scheduled for April 30, 2024.