Introducing LIFE CROLIS Advisory Board Members

Mr. Peter Weiss is a LIFE CROLIS Advisory board member with the biggest project working experience, both national and international.

He is the (co)author of more than 100 publications, including book chapters, expert reports and scientific articles.

Mr. Weiss, your rich working experience consists not only of scientific, but also of practical work on projects, many of which are co-financed by EU.

I have been working in the Environment Agency Austria, Directorate for Climate Change Mitigation and Emission Inventories since 1998. In my professional career so far, I was project manager on 25 international (some of which were partially co-financed by EU) or national projects, participating in more than 100 projects overall. The biggest project I have managed so far was the EU project MONARPOP, 1.8 million EUR worth with 13 involved partners. Also, I provided advisory assistance to the member states of the European Union, as well as to non-member states, regarding their improvement of emissions reporting in the sector of land use, land conversion and forestry (LULUCF). Such collaborations were covered by state contracts, Twinning and TAIEX projects and EC MS aid projects.

Besides working on LULUCF projects, your area of interest is organic pollutants and bioindicators.

For years, I have been dealing with bioindicators and monitoring heavy metals and organic pollutants. Thus, I participated in several national and international projects monitoring pollutants near the source and in remote areas. I also represented European Union in the technical working group for effective evaluation within the UN Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and thus contributed to the development and implementation of the global Monitoring Plan within the Convention and the Implementation Plan.

What was your motivation to join the LIFE CROLIS project as an Advisory Bord Member?

As an expert in the LULUCF sector, I am familiar with all the challenges in preparing an accurate, consistent and complete database on land monitoring and land conversion for one country over a long period of time, in several subcategories using different data sources. The reporting requirements on LULUCF sector greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the UN-FCCC and EU regulations for each country is a big challenge. In this sense, LIFE CROLIS is a pioneering project that uses, analyzes and compiles different data sources, partly obtained by remote monitoring techniques, on different thematic problems and for different purposes. This is a unique approach in Europe that should result in a consistent information platform of geographic data for various purposes. It is a pleasure to be able to contribute to such a pioneering project as an Advisory Board Member and at the same time learn about LULUCF reporting for my own country.

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