Final project presentation “Implementation of the Pilot Project to support the creation of ARKOD+ (plus) and CROLIS LU initial layer”

On December 15, 2023, an online presentation of the procedures and the results of the research project “Implementation of the Pilot Project to support the creation of ARKOD+ (plus) and CROLIS LU initial layer” was held.

In accordance with the contract signed with the Executor, the company Sinergise d.o.o. and the subcontractor, the company KING ICT, the deadline for delivery of final reports was December 15, 2023, followed by a period of corrective maintenance until March 15, 2024.
The target audience of the project presentation were representatives of CROLIS partners, as well as representatives of the Payment Agency who work on similar technologies for the establishment and maintenance of the “Monitoring” system.

Through the presentation, the procedures carried out according to the work packages were shown, namely: WP1 – analysis of training data for the needs of ARKOD+ data delineation, wp2 – Creation and implementation of algorithms for the implementation of automatic classification, WP3 – Analysis and testing of performed classifications, WP4 – Recommendations for improving training data – Dodatak – analysis of overgrowth of agricultural land, WP5 – Examination of possibilities and scenarios of field control, WP6 – Browser, WP7 – Corrective maintenance, support to the Agency for data verification and further analysis.

The CROLIS Pilot project was launched as a logical continuation of the recommendations from the procurement of consulting services implemented through the “Contract for the procurement of consulting services for the creation of CROLIS variants of technical specifications for application implementation solutions” in the period from June 1 to 18. October 2022, and through the implementation of which it was seen that for the purposes of realizing tasks of high complexity for the establishment of the CROLIS system, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the methodology and technology according to the requirements of the profession and realistic possibilities of implementation.

The biggest challenges during the establishment of the CROLIS system will consist of a credible interpretation of data on agricultural land, for which there is currently no spatial data, which is a basic requirement for the preparation of reports on greenhouse gas emissions within the LULUCF sector, but also for making strategic decisions in the field of management of the entire agricultural land at the national level.

In accordance with the analyzes and classifications of the Initial ARKOD+ data, based on the results and recommendations from the Pilot project, it will be possible to further improve and supplement the Project Task for the main CROLIS software solution, and enable the continuation of work on the preparation of ground truth data in the period while the public procurement for development of SW solutions, and in order to make the most efficient use of human and material resources and thereby speed up the implementation process of the entire Project as much as possible.

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