Results of the LIFE CROLIS workshop Questionnaire

Results of the Questionnaire from Action D.1 Monitoring and measurement of performance indicators.

The vast majority of respondents are aware of the issue of climate change, they believe that climate change affects the daily life of citizens and that the issue of climate change is an extremely important issue for modern society. Considering the above, the respondents are only partially satisfied with the climate policies implemented by the Republic of Croatia. These are the conclusions of the questionnaire filled out by the participants of the LIFE CROLIS workshop (Type 1), mostly employees of regional and local authorities and local public institutions. The questionnaire is part of Action D.1 Monitoring and measurement of performance indicators, and it will be used to evaluate the achievements of the LIFE CROLIS project after its completion..

During the duration of the project, a total of three questionnaires will be conducted, one at the beginning, in the middle and one at the very end of the project. At the beginning of the project, the questionnaire will cover general knowledge of climate change issues, international and EU policies and their significance for the Republic of Croatia, knowledge of Land use, Land use change and forestry (LULUCF) and the need to establish a unique land monitoring system in Croatia .

With regard to the topic of general awareness of climate change issues, it is evident that respondents are familiar with the patterns and consequences of climate change and believe that it partially or significantly affects their daily life. Although they see them as a significant social problem, most respondents are not or are only partially satisfied with the policies and measures implemented by the Republic of Croatia in order to adapt to climate change.

The respondents showed that they have information about the policies implemented at the EU level and believe that these policies affect the Republic of Croatia and the daily life of citizens. From their answers, it can be recognized that it is necessary to better communicate the EU’s deadlines and goals, as well as related measures to certain target groups. Also, the need for giving additional information is recognized as well as the need for raising awareness that the entire society is responsible for achieving the goals of the European Union in the field of climate and that its joint contribution is expected.

The role of the LULUCF sector in the implementation of EU policies and the achievement of climate neutrality goals by 2050 is insufficiently recognized among respondents. The above testifies to the need for employees in public services to be more informed about the sector and its role in climate policy in the EU and in the Republic of Croatia.

In conclusion, with their answers, the respondents clearly expressed the need for a unique system of mutually harmonized and permanently updated spatial data. In the continuation of the project, it is necessary to regularly communicate progress on the establishment of the CROLIS system with the stakeholders presented at the workshop in Vukovar on September 5, 2023.

In the middle and at the end of the project, the questionnaire will cover topics such as the need of institutions for the establishment of the CROLIS system, the extent to which CROLIS supports the activities of the institutions, and the existence/non-existence of the need for institutional stakeholders to actively contribute to the upgrading of the CROLIS system and its success.

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