LIFE CROLIS presented at the EU Joint Research Center workshop

On 18th May 2023 the LIFE CROLIS project was presented as an example of good practice at the workshop of the Joint Research Center of the European Union on the topic of improving reporting on the sector of land use, land conversion and forestry (LULUCF).

The project was presented by Ph.D. Vladimir Jelavić from project partner Ekonerg d.o.o. who on that occasion gave the participants of the workshop an overview of the current course of project implementation and introduced them to the current challenges that the project is facing Ph.D. Jelavić cited the need for consistent interpretations of historical data as one of the biggest challenges in the implementation of the LIFE CROLIS project, which is not easy to achieve since remote sensing techniques have changed significantly over time. He also pointed out that the general level of awareness of the importance of the sector of land use, land conversion and forestry in the transition towards climate neutrality is still low, to the extent that even the green agenda does not yet recognize the opportunity that this sector offers in adapting to climate change.

The workshop, held under the auspices of the European Commission, brought together delegated experts from member states in one place who, through lectures and discussions, considered all relevant issues from the sector of land use, land conversion and forestry (LULUCF) related to the new Regulation 2023/839 of the European Parliament and Council (from April 2023). Special emphasis was placed on the necessary transition to more sophisticated reporting models and the establishment of georeferenced systems and additional progress in the remote monitoring of greenhouse gas inventories.

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