1st Meeting of the LIFE CROLIS Project Advisory Board

The first meeting of the LIFE CROLIS project Advisory Board was held on 5th and 6th May 2022 in Zagreb. At the beginning of the meeting, experts from the Republic of Austria, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Croatia were welcomed by Višnja Grgasović, Head of the Climate Policy Sector of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

During the first day of the meeting, the work of partners on spatial data sources and available recordings needed for the implementation of the project from national, European and international sources was presented. At the same time, historical available recordings from 1968 necessary for the development of historical data series have been presented.

The members of the Advisory Committee participated in the discussion on each of the ten presented topics and presented their opinions, as well as their views on particular problems, pointing out some of the possible solutions for that problems.

On the second day of the meeting, representatives of partner institutions presented their work from the beginning of the project. Thus, representatives of the Institute for Environmental and Nature Protection of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development presented their responsibilities on individual project activities and informed the participants of the meeting with the sources of data that the Institute possesses and its own capacities – the IT architecture of the system they manage and the data available on the Envi-portal.

Representatives of the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries presented the possibilities of the existing ARKOD system in the process of classification of agricultural land use. They presented the scope of data they use in their daily work and presented the outlines of the future ARKOD+ farmland monitoring system. Also, they drew the attention of those present to the problems they encounter, such as the overlap of spatial data from various sources. At the end of the presentation, they also commented on the quality control of input data, but also on the expected quality of output data necessary for the functionality of the CROLIS system.

Experts of the State Geodetic Administration concentrated on their own role in the project, emphasizing the importance of nDSM development activities from the data generated under the “High Resolution TanDEM-X Altitude Data Exchange Program”.

Representatives of Croatian Forests presented their work on the preparation of spatial data on forests and provided an overview of information and spatial data on forest areas they manage and presented the possibilities of collecting data on private owned forests.

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